Electric Roller Garage Door Comparison

Here at Clic, we offer two types of Electric Roller Garage Doors which are our Classic 77mm door and our Compact 55mm door.  Both doors are fully insulated, although due to the Classic doors increased lath size this door does benefit from premium insulation and added strength which is why it is Secure By Design.





Our Classic Door is our strongest door due to its increased lath size which is why it comes Secured by Design as standard for internal face fit installations. This is a Police approved initiative dedicated to designing out crime. This door also has a premium insulated core. Our Classic doors can be fitted to openings up to 5.5 meters wide.

Our compact doors are designed to be installed in garages with restricted headroom with only 205mm needed to fit the box. With an insulated foam core these doors can be fitted to openings up to 2.5 meters wide.


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