Electric Roller Garage Doors York

Electric Roller Garage Doors York Clic

Our Electric Roller Garage Doors

Here at Clic, we offer two types of Electric Roller Garage Doors which are our Classic 77mm door and our Compact 55mm door.  

Both doors are fully insulated, although due to the Classic doors increased lath size this door does benefit from premium insulation and added strength which is why it is Secure By Design.


Our Colours

garage door colours york
Roller garage door colours york

Any of our Classic doors can be powder coated to any RAL colour* . Complete Door powder coating includes box and guides.  *surcharge applies.

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Matching box & Guides

Attention to detail; matching box & guides come as standard on both our classic and compact garage doors. If you wish to match existing features such as windows frames, let us know.

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Brown Garage Doors york
Anthracite roller garage door york
painted wood coloured garage door
Garage Doors York Clic

Powder Coating

Garage Automation

The Somfy Control Panel comes as standard on both are Classic and Compact Doors and acts as a command centre for your SecureRoll Electric Roller Garage door.

Standard Features

automated garage door

Remote Control Operation
With remote control operation there is no need to exit your car in bad weather as you can simply press your button on the remote and drive straight in. Two remote controls are included with your garage door with the option to add more if required. As our doors are complete with a safety edge means that our remotes operate on a one click to close.

Safety & Security
Both Compact & Classic Electric Roller Garage Doors come with a built in safety edge system and security alarm.  The wireless safety edge system works by returning the door when coming in to contact with an object to avoid damage to both door and object. The Security alarm is activated when an attempt to lift the door is made and consequently sounds a 100dB alarm to alert you.

Control Panel 

The built in control panel allows you to operate your electric roller garage door as an alternative to the remotes. Included in the panel is an integrated courtesy light that automatically switches on when the door is operated. There is also the option to place your door into holiday mode which prevents anyone from operating the door until you unlock it with your handset to add extra security to your home when you are away.



Somfy are acknowledged as the world leaders in garage automation therefore we offer a five year manufactures warranty on both our classic and compact doors.


Smart Home Compatability

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Here at Clic Doors York, we offer smart home compatibility through the use of industry leaders Somfy and their smart garage door technology. We offer two different smart hub options the Conexoon and the Tahoma.

"Hey, Alexa! Open garage door....."

From app control to smart home compatibility here at Clic Doors York, we can tailor your garage door to suit you!


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