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5 Reasons why you should get an Insulated Garage door

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Garage door insulation is easily overlooked but should be treated exactly the same as any other door or window in your home. Here at Clic Doors York all our Electric Roller Garage Doors are made from a strong and durable twin walled aluminum lath, with CFC-free, premium insulating foam. This provides a high level of insulation, security and noise control.

Do insulated Electric Roller Garage Doors Make a difference?

The short answer to this is yes, in many ways! Here is how adding an insulated garage door to your property makes a difference;

Are Insulated garage doors worth the money?

If your garage is attached to your home you may see significant savings on your energy bill as the insulation within the garage door will act as a thermal boundary helping to keep your garage warmer in the winter and cooler in summer. Not only can insulated garage doors help you save money on your heating bills but can also increase the value of your home! According to property help, some homeowners saw an increase in their property value of up to 5% after adding an insulated garage door.

Do Insulated garage doors reduce sound?

From keeping sound out or in, insulated garage doors help to do both from the sound of the traffic to music within your garage. Insulated Electric Roller Garage Doors also operate quieter than those which lack insulation as the foam core helps to soak up the vibrations the door makes while moving.

Do insulated garage doors increase utility space in your home?

Garages can be cold and dark spaces but can easily be transformed into a home gym, workshop, or office space with the help of an insulated electric roller garage door. Even storing belongings in there such as Electric bikes, tumble dryers or electronic tools will benefit as excessive moisture and cold temperatures can damage batteries and shorten their lifetime.

Are insulated garage doors better?

Here at Clic, we definitely believe insulated garage doors are better than non insulated doors which is the reason why we only supply and install those with insulation as all our doors are high quality which is why they also come with a five-year manufacturers warranty.

Contact us today to see how we can help transform your garage with an Insulated Electric Roller Garage Door. Covering York, Rydale, and surrounding areas.

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