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Is a roller garage door better than an up and over?

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

When it comes to garage doors, choosing between a traditional up and over door compared to that of a Roller Garage Door can initially seem like a difficult choice to make. So here at Clic Doors York, we have tried to make it that little bit easier for you by weighing up the pros and cons of each door.

Which Garage Door gives you the most space?

Unlike electric roller shutter garage doors, up and over doors run on an old fashioned spring loaded system that runs moves up and over the ceiling on the garage when opened. However, with roller doors only 205mm of clearance is needed above the door for the box to sit so the garage door is not taking up additional space or covering lighting when it is open. This also allows more space to be utilised for the likes of storage or shelving units. Additionally, electric roller doors can be fitted behind the reveals unlike up and over doors which increases the width of the garage making it easier to park your car without hitting your wing mirrors (we’ve all been there...).

Which is the most secure garage door?

Up and over garage doors have improved dramatically in recent years in terms of improved locking systems and materials used to manufacture them but unfortunately still remain the least secure type of garage door on the market due to its design, ultimately leaving your garage more susceptible to break-ins. On the other hand, roller garage doors remain the most secure style of garage door on the market, however that been said, there are plenty of cheap roller garage doors available which can be easily broken into due to their poor build quality and cheap components. To avoid this we would recommend questioning any roller garage doors that are installed for under £1000.

Roller garage doors such as Securoll are one of the most secure garage doors around as they are packed with innovative features such as anti lift locking systems, reinforced guide channels, and strong double walled aluminium laths. They also come equipped with a built in alarm system which sounds a 100db alarm if the door is tampered with. In addition to this, as there are no visible entry points such as handles or keyholes which stops any potential intruder from picking the locks to gain entry.

Top tip: look out for roller garage doors that have the Secured by Design badge as this means they have achieved police accreditation and are classed as secure (most insurance companies like this too!).

Which garage door is the easiest to maintain?

Most electric roller garage doors have a scratch and fade resistant coating on each lath of the door which keeps the garage door looking brand new for a long period of time. However, most up and over doors do not have this luxury resulting in the tedious job of having to re-paint the door to keep it looking fresh.

Which garage door is the easiest to use?

Both doors are easy to open, from manually lifting an up and over door up to pressing a button for a roller door. For us roller garage doors win this one as not only can you operate your door from a key-fob or internally mounted control panel but some doors can even be activated from your smart home device or your phone. That also means no more dusty hands from lifting the old garage door too... Up and over doors can also be extremely heavy to lift and if not pushed all the way up correctly could fall and result in serious injury.

In conclusion, we believe roller garage doors are far better than traditional up and over doors outperforming on security, safety and performance.

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